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Website Content Writing

Spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuation and bad grammar cause website visitors and customers alike to click away from a site.  It may be unfair, but some customers think that a business which cannot express itself correctly in basic written English, cannot be trusted to provide a reliable product or service.  Bad English on a website is a sure-fire way to lose potential customers and no business can afford to lose customers over an issue that is so easily remedied.

Google's algorithms now search out and lower the search engine ranking of badly-written sites, especially those with poor spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Google's view is that internet users want good quality written content, not badly-written, misspelled content with sloppy grammar and incorrect punctuation.  BWB Business Website Builders can provide a website copywriting service which ensures good quality, well-written content that is spelled correctly, punctuated correctly and uses good grammar throughout.

Linked to our SEO services, BWB can add keywords and long-tail keywords to the written content, ensuring it is keyword-rich with optimum keyword densities, while maintaining the readability of the text.

Creating good quality, unique, witten content is one of the biggest challenges facing new websites and BWB can ensure your website's written content enhances your company's reputation rather than damages it.


Image & Video Editing

A picture really does paint a thousand words, so top quality, relevant images are a must for any website.  However, all images on a website need optimising to reduce their 'weight'. The larger the file size, the longer it takes for an image to download and this can significantly slow down website load speeds.  

Google and Bing both punish websites which have slow page-loading times and push them down the search engine results.  With over half of searches now taking place on mobile devices, Google are making page-load speeds an even higher priority than previously.

Understandably, businesses still want crisp, good quality images on their websites to advertise their products and services effectively, as well as enhance their overall brand.  Therefore, editing images to achieve the correct balance between quality and the 'load-time' of an image is extremely important.

From a design viewpoint, having consistent image sizes considerably improves the 'professional look' of  a website. and BWB can undertake all these image-editing tasks as required.

BWB can also provide an image-finding service to identify relevant, quality images for a website.  BWB can also ensure the chosen images do not breach copyrights, and that the correct licences are in place for each image used.

Finally, BWB can craft and add 'alt-image' names to every image in the website's gallery.  Google spiders cannot recognise images, so it catalogues them by using the alt-image name.  This is the image name that is read out loud to visually impaired internet users when they pass their mouse over an image.  Whilst it should primarily serve those with visual impairment, it does offer an opportunity to creatively add keywords so as to provide the maximum possible SEO benefit.

Video Editing

Having video on a website is becoming an increasingly attractive and popular choice, but it is vital any video is added in a way that does not unduly slow down a website's page-load speeds.  BWB can provide this service and can also edit videos, so that only the most relevant snippet is shown to customers.  Long videos which lack relevance cause customers to click away from websites.

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